We can accept a purchase order! We would just need to have each SLP in your group create an account with us by signing up here: https://www.bethebrightest.com/auth/signup
With your purchase order, we would need:
  • a list of SLP names and their Bright Ideas account email addresses to associate with the order. Once we get that, we'll work on registering all of the users on your list.
  • the name and email for the person we need to send our invoice to
When you have that ready, email your PO to: hello@bethebrightest.com, attn. Lisa Kathman
If you need to set us up as a vendor, here is our info:
Bright Ideas Media LLC
124 W. 1st Street
Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (602) 341-5003
Click here for our W9.